Fitville: The Good and the Bad(minton)


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Chantel Todd takes on badminton. Chantel Todd

I have to start out by stressing the importance of reading instructions right to the end, rather than skimming through them. I was all geared up to go play badminton in St. Adolphe. I got my racquet, my shoes, my water bottle, and I even had a friend who wanted to attend with me. Great! We hopped into my car and headed over to the school and the parking lot was empty.

Weird. I had thought it would be full! So we waited a little bit, then we figured I must have gotten the times wrong or something. We googled the Ritchot leisure guide, and sure enough, I got the evening wrong. Oops! 

Fast-forward to the next week, I gather my gear and head over the school, this time on the correct evening. I even managed to convince my friend to join me again so that I didn’t go at it alone.

Yvan greeted us in the gym and told us to warm up before starting a game. We grabbed a birdie and our racquets, then started hitting the birdie back and forth—a good warm-up, to say the least, because it had been at least seven years since either of us had played.

And do you think I could remember the rules?


So we asked Yvan to explain the rules, the scores, and the court lines. Before we knew it, we were playing our first game with Yvan and Henry. Playing badminton again wasn’t hard, nor was it easy. We got into some good rallies and worked up quite a sweat. I have to admit, I’m not as quick as I used to be. 

We played a few more rounds with other teams before calling it quits out of sheer exhaustion. After this workout, we were sore and ready for a long break. In fact, my wrist is still a little sore three days later! I guess I hammered that birdie a little too hard.

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