ShopGym Relocates to Spacious New Facility


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Hitting the rowing machines at Niverville's ShopGym Crystal Stott

Niverville’s ShopGym Inc. has moved to 1789 Main Street and the proprietor couldn’t be more pleased. Crystal Stott and her colleagues have worked hard to recreate their familiar training space at the new 2,400-square-foot location in the warehouse once occupied by Southern Comfort Mechanical. They’ve now got an additional 600 square feet of space in which Stott intends to add a larger variety of apparatuses.

“This came up really quickly,” says Stott. “We had about three weeks’ notice.”

Some new features will include 50 feet of indoor turf for sled pushes and adrenaline training. The “rig,” a 32-foot workout area, will see additional equipment such as climbing ropes, pull-up bars, dip bars, and more weightlifting equipment.

The upgrade also means more space for the ever-popular Ninja Party. The Ninja Party, fashioned after NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, provides a unique way for kids to celebrate birthday parties with friends. It also hosts fun and challenging competitions for children’s sport teams and clubs. The extensive obstacle course includes a rock-climbing wall, ropes, monkey bars, and a warp wall. Stott says that with the added space, they can increase the size of the climbing wall and accommodate more kids for larger events.

The new ShopGym will also have a separate space parents can rent for birthday cake, food, and gift-opening. This space will double as a childcare room with toys and activities during the balance of the week, a feature young parents will appreciate when they can’t leave the kids behind to go for a workout.

Along with the extra indoor space, the new location provides ample outdoor space for temperate weather workouts and plenty of parking, something the previous location at 9 Heritage Trail lacked.

ShopGym will continue to deliver daily workout classes for individuals of all ages, from three years of age to senior citizen. Fitness trainers are always onsite, providing group and one-on-one personal workout training. Classes include strength and conditioning, ladies-only boot camp, kettlebell, body sculpt, barbell, silver classes for beginners, ShopGym kids, and Mom-and-Tot gym. Team training is also available.

Stott believes in a complete mind-and-body approach to wellness, which is why ShopGym also offers nutrition counselling and remote coaching. Home workouts and nutrition counselling can be accessed through a ShopGym app.

While all of the gym’s seven trainers are fully certified, Stott boasts a wide array of credentials including CrossFit Level Two Trainer, National Coaches Certification Program of Canada, Precision Nutrition Level One Coach, and Eat to Perform Certification. 

ShopGym also partners with Pure Physiotherapy of Winnipeg to provide workshops and one-on-one rehab training. 

“I think that what we do is unique,” Stott says, “because you get support and encouragement and a sense of community. Lots of people have joined our gym and are really connecting with others in the community because of common interests, and it’s all about community-first. It’s like a big family here and we support each other. It’s a super fun, easy-going environment. There’s no pressure. You just come as you are.”

Despite the wide variety of fitness options, many people have unsubstantiated fears of fitness facilities such as ShopGym.

“They have this image in their head that what we do is so extreme, but there’s a lot of things out there that are way more extreme than what we do,” says Stott. “Most people that come are very average people. They’re moms, dads, professionals, stay-at-home parents, and they just want to be healthier and fitter. You don’t have to be fit to start. That’s what we’re there for.”

ShopGym will be hosting an open house event towards the end of November. Details will be posted on their website. Anyone can come and take a class for free at any time to see if it fits their needs, Stott says. And it’s always a judgment-free zone.

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