Ritchot Council Moves to Clear Backlog


Ritchot’s new council is on the job and moving quickly to conclude some pressing business that’s been on hold since the spring, most notably the municipality’s 2017 financial plan. Also, the distribution of property tax notices has been delayed.

Despite this delay, the tax due date of October 31, 2017 will remain unchanged. Those residents who made early payments prior to July 31 still received their regularly scheduled discounts.

A number of variances and conditional use hearings will be heard on the council’s Wednesday, August 16 meeting at 7:00 p.m. A full list of the measures is available on the municipality’s website (see below).

Anyone is welcome to attend these public hearings to speak for or against the proposed measures. For those who wish to address these matters, but cannot make it to the meetings, they may file written submissions either in person at the municipal office or by email at pgiesbrecht@ritchot.com. 

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