Town Advises Precautions During Sewer Cleaning


The Town of Niverville will be cleaning sewers throughout the community from September 11–15. Although no exact route or timeline has been identified yet, sewers along the following streets will be affected: Main Street, First Street North, Second Street North, Third Street North, First Avenue North, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue North, Ritchot Drive, Church Street, as well as all residents of The Highlands up to Muirfield Cove.

“Occasionally during sewer cleaning, air pressure builds in the sewer line, causing water to splash out of toilets, sinks, and drains,” reads a statement from town council.

Council has suggested that residents take several precautions to prevent water damage. These include closing lids and covering toilet bowls when they are not in use, inserting drain plugs in sinks and bathtubs, removing floor mats from bathrooms, covering basement floor drains, and placing towels around the base of toilets.

“Sewer cleaning on rare occasions may leave an odour in the home,” continues the town’s statement. “If so, please run some water down all sinks and bathtub drains, flush toilets, pour a pail of water into each basement floor drain, and open your windows. After a short time, the odour should disappear.”

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