Norfolk Chiropractic Enters Niverville Market


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Dr. Yvette Page, Dr. Derek Page, and Dr. Catherine Carter of Norfolk Chiropractic Norfolk Chiropractic

Norfolk Chiropractic has introduced a new clinic in Niverville at 10 Cedar Drive, an area quickly becoming a hub for commerce. Their principal location is in Island Lakes in south Winnipeg.

Dr. Yvette Page, the primary practitioner at Niverville’s satellite location, says that she’s excited about the clinic’s prospects in the community.

“I just love how much I’ve seen this community grow,” says Page. “I knew when I graduated I wanted to do some rural practicing. I thought, what better community to give care to than one that holds my heart like Niverville?”

Page, a recent graduate of chiropractic at l’Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivières, is one of three siblings practicing at Norfolk Chiropractic in Winnipeg. She believes that the family-run business, including herself, Dr. Catherine Carter, and Dr. Derek Page, provides them a unique opportunity to work together towards a common goal. That goal is to educate and assist people in living a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. 

Though Page resides in Winnipeg, the communities south of the city have always held a special place for her. While attending high school in St. Norbert and sporting events around the province, she built rural friendships that helped develop her appreciation for small-town life.

Page has worked extensively with a college football team, experiencing firsthand how to treat different aspects of athletic injuries. Last summer, she and a group of 14 students and two supervisors flew to Bolivia for a two-week work mission in chiropractic care.

The trio provide a wide range of therapies for neuromusculoskeletal conditions—conditions related to the tissues that make up the bones, joints, and muscles. These therapies include manual adjustment, activator adjustment, and laser therapy. Page says that the proper diagnostic evaluation of each client ensures the use of the mode which best fits the client and the specific injury.

“The beauty of chiropractic is that it is such a vast profession,” Page says. “There are quite a few different approaches and techniques, which is something I wish more people knew about.”

Chiropractic treatments, she says, can be for all ages from newborn to senior citizen and cover a wide variety of ailments from pain to dizziness and vertigo. 

“Birth can be quite a traumatic experience,” adds Page. “It’s a beautiful process, but whether it be natural or cesarean section, there is quite a bit of force used on newborns that can play a role in their development.” 

Some resulting birth issues can include jaw displacement (leading to improper latching on during breastfeeding), misaligned joints (leading to colic-like symptoms), or hip displacement (leading to mobility problems down the road). For this reason, Page recommends a visit to a chiropractor early on. Chiropractors can also assess signs of scoliosis, which sometimes develop in children during their puberty years. 

“There is no risk to being checked on a preventative basis as far as chiropractic therapy goes,” says Page, adding that a strong emphasis is placed on education through communication with her clients. “We really practice patient by patient, so if a child comes in I’m not going to assess them the way I would a 65-year-old.”

Laser therapy is one of Norfolk Chiropractic’s most recently introduced treatment options. This therapy can be used to treat acute or chronic injury because it goes down to the cellular level and stimulates cell regeneration and regrowth while lowering inflammation and improving blood circulation to rid the area of toxins and supply nutrients that rebuild the tissue. Though laser therapy won’t be available at the Niverville clinic in its early stages, Page is trained to recognize conditions that would benefit from this treatment and make a referral to their Winnipeg clinic.

Page feels that her bilingual qualifications also provide an advantage for her French-speaking clients.

“I did all of my studies in French, so I’m completely fluent in [the language],” she says. “Also, I have a global approach. I’m not specialized with only athletes or children or geriatrics. I assess everyone and treat all ages.”


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