Niverville Council Unveils 2018 Budget



Niverville’s new budget plan contains few surprises. Council has been diligent over the course of the past few months, introducing updates through The Citizen, Facebook and Twitter posts, and monthly newsletters. The Cole’s Notes version of the latest budget was introduced to the public on March 20 at an open house held at the Heritage Centre. The complete version is available on the town’s website for review. 

Tax increases are usually the first thing on everybody’s mind. This year, property taxes are expected to go up by two percent, resulting in about $35.80 more per average property owner. Property taxes are based on the average assessment rate of homes in the community, a rate that currently sits at $288,300 per property and is a drop of one percent from the previous assessment period.

On the flip side, Hanover School Division’s mill rate is going down for the 2018–19 school year. While council has no input into the division’s rates, it will provide a small measure of relief on property tax bills to the tune of $17 on a house assessed at $250,000.

The budget indicates increased spending in a number of areas this coming year. Those include anticipated expenses within the municipal office such as staffing increases and election costs. Protective services costs are also anticipated to go up nominally in almost every area—fire, emergency measures, and policing services. Council has set aside $10,000 for a policing study and security cameras are in the works for Main Street. Transportation costs will go up as more of the community’s streets and sidewalks are designated for upgrade or complete renewal. 

Public health and welfare services, specifically cemetery maintenance, is down significantly. Costs of planning and rezoning, as well as urban renewal, also saw a drop.  

Some of the projects scheduled for this year are the rebuilding of Cedar Drive, Third Street South, and Sixth Avenue South. A new sidewalk will soon run along Fourth Avenue South and the Main Street sidewalk replacement project will continue. New walking paths will connect the wetlands with Hespeler Park walkways. 

A water line will be installed to the upcoming rental units along Fourth Avenue South, as well as sewer and waterline installation to the site of the new high school and proposed Community Resource Centre. Road and parking lot construction will also begin in this area. 

Big plans are underway for improving economic development with the introduction of a business enhancement committee and the creation of Main Street design standards.

Council is looking at establishing a no-charge community recycling depot and will soon be introducing online payment portals for utility bill payments. 

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