Local Organizers Spearhead Niverville Scouts Program


Local organizers are preparing to launch a new Scouts program in Niverville this fall. A recruitment meeting held on April 24 at John Henry’s drew a great deal of interest. The goal is to recruit ten full-time leaders for the first three levels of Scouts by September. The three levels are Beavers (ages five to seven), Cubs (ages eight to ten), and Scouts (ages 11 to 14). Each level requires at least two leaders.

“There were about 15 people in attendance,” says Lindsay Unrau, a member of the Scouting administration team. “By the end of the evening, we had six full-time leaders ready to start the process of becoming a leader. I was thrilled to meet so many incredibly exciting and passionate members of our community who are looking to help bring more opportunities to Niverville for our kids.”

Unrau adds that the group is also looking for adults who may be able to volunteer on a part-time basis.

While it is currently unknown how many families may be interested in participating in the program, interest has been shown to be high. Unrau says that the group’s Facebook page already has more than 100 followers. Registration is not yet open.

“We hope to see a turnout in kids similar to what our Girl Guides programs have here in town,” Unrau says. “If we can get between 10 to 20 kids per group, we would be very happy. I should also add that girls are welcome to join Scouts, and moms can be leaders too!”

The next step will be to find a venue. With more than half of the required leaders on board, the administration team is approaching several church boards. They are also planning fundraisers to help cover the costs of establishing the local program.

“It’s a lot of work,” says Unrau, “but I know that once we get things up and running, the reward will be easily measured by the joy and new opportunities the Scouting program will bring to our kids.”

Erika Maguire, Area Support Manager for Scouts Canada, was on hand to present information about the program at the recruitment meeting.

“Scouts programs are designed for ages five to 26 to help youth develop self-confidence and leadership skills through outdoor activities and youth-led adventure,” says Maguire. “Volunteer candidates and parents of prospective members enjoyed getting to know some current volunteers from Morris, Lorette, and Winnipeg.”

Scouts Canada is the country’s largest youth organization, with more than 400 leaders in Manitoba alone.

Other members of the administration team include Lisa Wiebe, Crystal Schmitke-Dueck, and Ashley Chamberlain.

“It looks like we are going to make Scouts a reality here in Niverville,” says Unrau.

In addition to thanking the many people who showed up to lend their support at the recruitment meeting, the administrators also thank John Henry’s and Niverville Bigway for their generous contributions to the event.

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To find out more information about volunteer, contact Erika Maguire (erika.maguire@scouts.ca) or Lindsay Unrau (lindsayemunrau@hotmail.ca).

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