Second Community Resource Gala Announced


Following last year’s successful Black & Gold Gala, a May 5 fundraising event at Evergreen Village in support of the Niverville Multiplex, members of the multiplex fundraising committee have been asked many times, when is the next gala? The answer is Friday, May 11, this time at the new Whitetail Meadow facility at the junction of Highways 311 and 200, west of Niverville.

One key change is that the Niverville Multiplex is now being called the Community Resource Centre. One thing that won’t change is the fun.
This year’s gala, The Casino Blanc, will be the perfect occasion to pull out your favourite white attire. The evening will consist of both silent and live auctions, as well as a casino event. Tickets will cost $75 each and go on sale in early March.

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If you or your business would like to donate cash or prizes to our live or silent auctions, or if you have questions about the event, please contact Heather at

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