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Ted Falk meets with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer Ted Falk

Provencher MP Ted Falk has returned to Ottawa this fall in a new role. On Monday, September 25, Falk announced that he had been appointed by new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to serve as the Deputy Shadow Minister for Employment, Workforce Development, and Labour.

While the Liberals, as the governing party, form cabinet, it is the responsibility of the official opposition Conservatives to form a shadow cabinet, with its members dedicated to keeping an eye on their government counterparts.

“In this new role, I will be working alongside MP Steven Blaney, who has been appointed Shadow Minister for Employment, Workforce Development, and Labour,” says Falk. “At the most basic level, this new responsibility is about improving the standard of living and quality of life for all Canadians by promoting an environment amenable to the creation of good jobs and ensuring that Canadians have access to the skills training they need to be a part of Canada’s modern labour force. Shadow Minister Blaney and I will hold the Liberal government to account to achieve that objective.”

Other objectives of the role include ensuring that the government works collaboratively with the provinces, territories, and municipalities, and that the Canadian job market remains strong, free, and fair.

Falk is also a member of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources, a role in which he participates in the study of bills, government activities and expenditures, and issues related to Canada’s energy, forest, minerals and metals, and earth sciences sectors.

“I am committed to doing my best to serve Canadians in these positions,” Falk says.

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