Niverville Woman Hits Hole-in-One


1 Niverville Woman Hits Hole In One Pic
Carol Dyck and daughter Kelly Friesen celebrate her hole-in-one Kelly Friesen

Carol Dyck was golfing with her daughter Kelly on July 13 at Old Drovers Run when something amazing happened while teeing off at the third hole. Dyck pulled back, brought the club forward, and watched the ball fly towards the green.

And then it seemed to vanish.

“We didn’t know it went in right away,” says Kelly. “We saw it land on the green and that was it. Only realized it was a hole in one when we couldn’t find it and Sharon Rempel decided to check the hole.”
Indeed, the ball was nestled at the bottom of the cup. The women broke into cheers, celebrating the unexpected hole-in-one.

“We cheered loudly and high-fived,” Kelly adds.

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