Fitville: A Summer of Bright-Eyed Bootcamps


As I set my alarm at night this summer, I often dreaded the morning bootcamp I signed up for. What was I thinking? Why was I doing this again?

I always got my things ready the night before so that I could wake up at 5:45 a.m., put my workout gear on, grab my water bottle, and head out the door. All with my lovely hubby! I’d asked him if he wanted to join me for this bootcamp at Hespeler Park.

“Sure,” he’d said, not knowing it was at 6:00 a.m., three times a week. 

As it turned out, I really enjoyed the morning workout. The fresh air felt great on my skin, and it really woke me up. I got home at 7:05, showered, and still had time to relax before going to work.

The workouts were great! We did a different type of workout each morning, whether it was tabatas, circuits, supersets, or interval training. It was always fun…

Well, except for the one day when I threw out my right hip and couldn’t walk or sit down afterward. A couple of visits to the physical therapist fixed that right up!

I learned to really enjoy getting active first thing in the morning, as it always made me feel great for the rest of day.

With the summer almost over, though, and the mornings staying darker for longer, my enjoyment of getting up early has decreased significantly. 

I still enjoy my regular soccer games once a week, and I also joined the summer slo-pitch league here in Niverville. I certainly kept myself busy this summer.

With fall on the horizon, I’ll be right back into Zumba—my favourite workout of all. When soccer finally ends, I’ll have to settle for evening walks with dogs.

Before it gets too cold outside, that is.

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