Athlete of the Month: Joël Delorme


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Joël, a Grade Twelve student at Gabrielle-Roy, plays and excels at a large number of sports. He plays defence for the Gab-Roy Cavaliers hockey team, plays middle-right for the Gab-Roy Les Roys senior volleyball squad, and was captain of the school’s fall soccer team. He also stands out on the track-and-field pitch, in running events like the 200-metre, 800-metre, and 400-metre relay. Away from school, he currently plays club volleyball for the Providence Junior Pilots program. 

Joël is also a high-achieving student who currently maintains a 92 percent average. This spring, he intends to travel to Spain as part of the school’s upcoming enrichment and cultural exploration trip. 

As for other hobbies and interests? He says sports keep him so busy that he doesn’t have much time for anything else!  

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