Ritchot Council Looks for Youth Representative


Ritchot’s council has developed a new volunteer position to ensure that young people’s interests are represented in local government. Council is currently accepting applications for Youth Council Member, which will go to an enthusiastic and self-motivated high school student in the municipality who seeks to provide a voice for youth.

Although this position is for a non-voting council seat, it will in every other way be a fully engaged member of council.

The student will be expected to attend all evening council meetings during their term, which will last between eight and 12 months, and be held to the same standards as other councillors.

“Including a youth member in council adds value,” says Richot Mayor Chris Ewen. “It offers a growing mind that isn’t afraid to ask questions and take risks. This will give us as council an opportunity to look at a fresh way to do things and evolve our way of thinking.”

Council has identified some key objectives of the position, which include bringing forward issues that have a unique impact on youth people, acting as a positive advocate for youth, promoting meaningful activities for young people in partnership with the community, and providing leadership experience.

“By working with youth,” the policy states, “council hopes to develop better communications for existing opportunities, involve and familiarize them with the operations of our municipal government, and listen to suggestions on what the municipality can do to improve its youth-oriented efforts.”

Candidates must be under 18 years old and enrolled in school full-time. Applications have been distributed to local schools.

All candidates for the position will be assessed by the municipality’s CAO, after which council will appoint the successful candidate by resolution.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, February 28.

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