Niverville Council Looks to Improve Safety in High Traffic Zones



Niverville’s town council is working to create a safer commute for its residents. Their hope, in the near future, is to purchase two digital speed indicator signs for the community. These signs have proven effective in slowing down traffic to posted speeds. They are to be permanently erected, and at least one is intended to go up on Main Street by the elementary school.

“The digital signs we hope to fit into the 2018 budget this spring at a cost of about $8,000,” says Eric King, Niverville’s Business and Finance Manager. 

Mayor Myron Dyck notes that this price does not include the cost of installation or electrical hook-up. Once the total costs have been established, the resolution will need to be passed at a public hearing.

Council also anticipates a collaboration with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT) for new speed limit zones along Highway 311 on the approach to the new traffic lights. Currently the speed limit is set at 100 kilometres per hour and reduces to 60 just before the intersection. 

Council feels that a measure of safety could be added here with the introduction of a more reasonably regulated speed reduction. The idea is to request from MIT signs requiring drivers to reduce their speed from 100 kilometres per hour to 80 well before slowing down to 60. This will allow traffic to slow by degrees.

King doesn’t believe there would be a cost to the town for such a change. If there is a cost, however, the initiative would have to pass through council for review and approval.

Mayor Myron Dyck says that traffic studies are also currently in process to address the safety of a variety of intersections throughout town. 

“Once the traffic studies are completed, MIT will have a better idea of what, if any, controls are required in and around the various intersections,” says Dyck. “Council is waiting for the results. The speed on PR 311 is regulated by the province. If [it is determined that] traffic lights, turning lanes, or traffic circles are required, then information about how the province plans to manage the speed in those zones should be found within the reports. If not, then that would be the time to ask more questions.”

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