New Apartments Coming to Niverville, Some Residents Concerned


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This well-treed Niverville street will soon be home to a 46-unit subdivision of rental apartments. Joey Villaneuva

On July 19, Niverville’s town council held a conditional use hearing for the second phase of a new development to be built on Fourth Avenue South. Once completed, the development is expected to include a total of 46 rental apartments, with a combination of plans ranging from one bedroom to three. The units will be constructed in a townhouse style.

Council passed the measure.

“The development is a go subject to the development agreement being made,” says Mayor Myron Dyck. “At that stage, council can put in conditions such as privacy fencing, the appropriate number of parking spots required, and trees and such.”

Several residents were present to voice their concerns about the development. With onsite parking for 102 cars, they say traffic is likely to increase along Fourth Avenue, especially since there will only be one access point to the apartments, as well as a potential lack of parking that could end up clogging nearby streets.

Niverville’s policy previously stated that apartment developments must include 1.5 parking stalls per unit, but Dyck says that council has reviewed this policy and will be increasing that number to two spots per unit. Developer Josh Friesen has told council that the current plan calls for 2.2 stalls per unit.

Residents also noted that Fourth Avenue is a designated school route for both Niverville Elementary and Niverville Collegiate students, and that the additional cars could pose a hazard to students on their way to and from school.

Other area residents expressed concern about the potential loss of many large trees and greenspace, saying that they bought into this “old Niverville” neighbourhood for its natural appearance and that the new homes could be an eyesore.

“Resident concerns can be directed to the town office for matters related to the development agreement,” says Dyck. “Having said that, the development was passed by council so the only thing left to deal with is the items mentioned above.”

Dyck also notes that the developer will be installing town water, meaning that residents along the path of the new main water can choose to hook up.

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