Marianne Curtis: “I have the tools to make a difference.”


1 Marianne Curtis
Marianne Curtis Marianne Curtis

Mayor hopeful Marianne Curtis believes that, though she’s never held a council seat, she has more than enough experience to bring to the position. Curtis has been a long-time writer for the Dawson Trail Dispatch, which has provided her with insight that comes from years spent in the political arena.

“I feel I have a lot to bring to the table,” says Curtis, who adds that she has an insider’s grasp on the affairs that affect the communities she covers. “As a journalist, I’ve been sitting in council chambers in [many] of the municipalities around here. I’m well versed in what the issues are. I see the bigger picture. I know what people are struggling with and I believe I have the tools to make a difference. I’ve got support from surrounding reeves, mayors, and councillors, and that’s huge to me.”

Curtis says that connections are important when you’re in a position of influence. She has attained many over the years, not only as a journalist, but as a board member of the Ritchot Regional Chamber of Commerce, coordinator of the Citizens on Patrol Program, and through the many volunteer positions she’s filled. 

Curtis has a keen understanding of emergency medical services, having served as a paramedic and 911 dispatcher in years past and by way of her marriage to a firefighter. She believes that her experience with a previous divorce has supplied her with creative mediation skills, and her background as a single mom of four helped her develop strong financial budgeting skills that would aid in fiscal management. 

She demonstrates a strong passion for justice and fairness, having been a vocal advocate for human rights and anti-bullying for many years. In 2013, Curtis was nominated for the prestigious Women of Distinction award.

One of her goals as mayor would be to encourage regionalization of public services, inviting Tache and other neighbouring municipalities to round-table discussions about working together towards improved policing and medical and emergency services.

Council’s connectivity with Ritchot’s constituents is an area, in her mind, that could be bettered through broader communication methods and more public engagement. 

Curtis made the decision to run for mayor after recognizing that there were plenty of great candidates from her ward already nominated for the councillor position. She felt strongly that the mayoral seat should not go unchallenged. 

Though there are many items that need to be addressed immediately when the new council begins session, Curtis wants to make sure the previous council’s issues are not swept under the rug.

“I don’t think we should put that all behind us,” says Curtis. “I believe it should be investigated. That’s why we have the Auditor General and the Ombudsman. That avenue should be followed, but right now we’ve got to concentrate on getting the budget done. We’ve lost all of this time and that’s what really bothers me as a resident.”

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