HSD Assistant Superintendents to Retire


Two assistant superintendents of the Hanover School Division announced on Wednesday, February 7, that they intend to retire. Rick Ardies will step down at the end of the current school year, and Chris Gudziunas will remain on until the end of the year to allow for a smooth transition process. According to the school division, the hiring process is already underway, and it’s expected that the positions will be filled by August 1.

Both Gudziunas and Ardies have served in the Hanover School Division for over 30 years, with long careers in education. Both held roles as teachers and principals prior to being named assistant superintendents.

“As individuals and divisional leaders, their contributions to public education in the Hanover School Division are truly remarkable and will have lasting impact,” says a statement from HSD. “Their passion for learning and unwavering support of student-centred education has enriched the lives of students, staff, colleagues, and parents in all of our school communities.”

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