Ducks Unlimited Gets a Boost from BSI


1 Ducks Unlimited Gets A Boost From Bsi Pic
BSI's Ryan Haps and Jake Neufeld present a cheque to Nicole DePauw, Tourond Creek Committee Treasurer BSI

As part of their ongoing community development initiative, BSI has donated $1,000 to Tourond Creek Ducks Unlimited. The funds have been earmarked for dam maintenance to protect against overland flooding that occurs every year.

The site, located along Highway 311’s western terminus at St. Mary’s Road, is a beautiful wetlands and greenspace maintained entirely through fundraising. The project is especially vulnerable to flooding.

“Wetlands are a natural filter to remove contaminants from overland flooding and field runoff,” reads a statement from BSI. “This keeps pollution out of our rivers and lakes and ultimately out of our drinking water. Ducks Unlimited was also a huge part of the rebuild of Niverville’s lagoon revitalization project, which ultimately saved millions of dollars for the taxpayers of Niverville.”

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