Look on the Bright Side: The Frequency of Love


Did you know that love has its own frequency? Energy is measured in frequencies, or cycles per second of vibrating electrons, and it has been said that 528 hertz is the fast-paced frequency of love.

As a comparison, music, which also moves at high energy, resonates at 440 hertz, which is the musical note A above middle C. This is the standard tuning note for instruments.  

What this means for us is that when we choose to connect to this fast-moving love vibration, our own energy resonates at a higher frequency, enabling us to experience and express the God-like qualities of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, healing, generosity, joy, and peace… all the amazing things that inspire and empower us to live our best lives.

Connecting to the frequency of love lifts us to a higher state of consciousness and frees us from the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions that minimize and victimize us. Fear, guilt, judgment, envy, greed, arrogance, and our need to be right simply cannot exist in this realm because they vibrate at a much lower and slow-moving frequency, also known as ego. It’s interesting to note that these negative emotions—along with sorrow, depression, and despair—resonate anywhere from six hertz and lower. 

Living in this love vibration requires us to keep our ego in check when relating to people and circumstances. Our egos easily indulge in the dramas of life and we advance its cause whenever we choose the lower vibe responses.

We know when we’re living in this love vibration, because we feel it. It’s that natural high, the experience of connection and wholeness, and the feeling of light, expansion, and bliss.

Because this love vibration requires us to surrender our egos, we actually get out of our own way, clearing the path and making room for our dreams and desires to flourish! Prayer, meditation, inspirational readings, music, nature, and acts of kindness are all ways to connect to the frequency of love. 

Love is the oil of joy and the antidote to pain. It fuels our passions and lifts us from limitations to possibilities. It transcends time and space and so is the very essence of life. Learning to live in the love vibration is why we’re here! 

May we rise up and resonate with this most extraordinary frequency and experience a life of vibrant love.

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