Look on the Bright Side: Just Float


One of the things I love to do on a hot summer day is sit in my inflatable chair and float on the lake. Gently bobbing over the water while the sun warms my face creates a deep sense of calm and wellbeing in me.

As I aimlessly drift, I ponder the currents of my life. Most have been quite tranquil and slow-moving, ripples of peace and calm, easily navigated and maneuvered through. Yet there have also been times when, without warning, I’ve encountered rough waters that threatened to topple me and carry me off-course.

My most recent experience with the latter was hearing the news that my father was facing a serious health issue. Feeling panicked, my immediate response was to do something, anything that might help. Drowning in anxiety, I picked up those emotional oars and furiously paddled in an effort to escape my hopelessness and find safe harbour. 

Only when I was out of breath and out of answers did I hear that still, small voice from within say, “Put down the oars and just float.”

This goes against my nature, and at first felt like I was being asked to give up. Upon further meditation, I realized I was instead being asked to surrender—to surrender my fear, frustration, and need for answers, all of which just added weight and threatened to pull me under.

As I resisted the temptation to do something and instead gave myself over to just be, I felt buoyed, lightened, relaxed, and able to float above the conflict. By letting go of what I could not control, I was able to trust that my faith would shore me up and keep my head above water. 

As I make my way back to the beach today, bringing with me my beloved chair, my thoughts are with my dad as he peacefully waits for his surgery date. I am quietly reminded that my dad and I are supported in far greater ways than I ever thought possible.

When I relinquish control and let go, peace returns and I feel myself relax and… just float.

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