Soul Purpose Releases Second Album


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Gerry Guenther, Todd Anderson, Dan Klippenstein, Burt Hiebert, Coralee Warkentin, Shauna Harms-Wiebe, and Vic Froese. Cheryl Struss Photography

Soul Purpose, a Christian band from southeast Manitoba, is set to release their second album, Come on Home, on Saturday, April 7.

For the past 15 years, Soul Purpose has performed at various church events, Christmas banquets, fundraisers, Siloam Mission, and on the outdoor stages of local fairs and the K.R. Barkman Concert in the Park series. They say that they’ll be performing at events and festivals across Manitoba and Saskatchewan over the spring and summer.

Band members include Gerry Guenther (drums), Vic Froese (electric/acoustic guitar), Dan Klippenstein (keyboard), Burt Hiebert (bass guitar), Coralee Warkentin and Shauna Harms-Wiebe (vocals), and Todd Anderson (vocals/acoustic guitar).

Although the main style of their music is worship, Soul Purpose will often combine this with contemporary, gospel, and rock flavours. The first album, Soul Purpose, was released in 2007.

“Our creative process involves a band member bringing a song to practice and playing it for the rest of us,” says vocalist Coralee Warkentin. “At that point, each one adds their own musical style, which gradually develops into an arrangement we all love. Our song choices reflect each individual’s musical preference, but our focus is always to relay the message of God’s enormous love and grace. This is the reason we sing! Our ‘soul purpose’ is to lift Him up! This has been our group motto from the beginning, and so it is always our hope that those who see us perform will be encouraged and blessed by the music and the message they hear.”

Come on Home contains 12 songs, including three originals. The title track, “Come on Home,” was written by Dan Klippenstein. “At the Cross” and “For All You’ve Done” were both written by Todd Anderson.

The album was produced by Evan St. Cyr and Gerry St. Cyr and recorded at Arcade Studios in Niverville.

“Our experience at Arcade Studios was a very enjoyable process,” Coralee added. “We are really pleased with the quality of the finished product.”

Soul Purpose is excited to share their new album on April 7 at the Pat Porter Centre, 10 Chrysler Gate in Steinbach. Doors will open at 6:15 p.m., with the concert starting at 7:00. Admission is free and comes with a door prize entry, as well as some extra tickets for a raffle. CDs will be sold for $15. 

Come on Home will also be available at Hulls Christian Bookstore in Steinbach after the release. The band hopes to sell their music on iTunes in the near future.

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