Gab-Roy Sends Players to League All-Star Game


Four players from Gabrielle-Roy’s Les Cavaliers, who play in the Winnipeg High School Hockey League (WHSHL), were selected to play in the league’s all-star game on Sunday, January 21 at the MTS IcePlex. The honoured players were Jayden Bérard (36 points, left wing), Jöel Delorme (23 points, defence), Derik Cook (28 points, centre), and Tyler Pilon (22 points, right wing). 

Les Cavaliers are currently ranked fourth place in the WHSHL’s A Division, with 36 points in 20 games. They boast a record of 11 wins, seven losses, and one overtime win. 

The coaching staff includes head coach Colin David and assistant coaches Luc David and Danick Morin. The staff were also recognized at the all-star game, having coached Team Black at the all-star game. 

Sending seven people to the all-star game—four players and three coaches—is quite an accomplishment for a smaller school like Gab-Roy, which plays in the same division as much larger schools. 

Les Cavaliers have four games remaining in the regular season. The season ends February 9, with the first round of the playoffs slated to begin February 12.

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