Providence Receives Federal Funds to Enhance Accessibility


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Providence University College has been awarded $9,393 of federal funding, with the money dedicated to the ongoing effort to ensure the campus is accessible and barrier-free to students and visitors with special needs.

Last spring, Providence retained the services of Ager Little Architects and Grant Design Group to perform an accessibility audit. The results were delivered in December.

The recent federal funding will be used to install accessibility swing door operators and push plates and to relocate and connect new wiring to the fire alarm system.

“Our main administration and teaching facility, the Hanna Centre, was constructed nearly a century ago,” explains Dan McLeod, Director of Facilities and a member of the Providence Campus Redevelopment Committee. “Structurally the building is solid, however we are faced with challenges in dealing with stairs and multi-level hallways.”

According to McLeod, a series of accessible doors through Heritage Hall, which connects the library to the Hanna Centre, are already in the process of being installed.

“Providence is firmly committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and accessibility in our programs and employment opportunities,” McLeod adds. “We believe in the inherent dignity of all people, and we are committed to identifying and removing barriers that prevent full and meaningful participation in all aspects of campus life.”

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